Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blogging is hard.

Especially when you have a family that is busy... yet, not busy doing anything that is fun to share! We have done some notable things since my last post. Most importantly, our sweet Evan turned 4. That seems completely impossible when I think back on his life so far. 4 seems so... "old". He's not my baby anymore. Granted, he will ALWAYS be my baby because he is the youngest. But 4! Almost to 5, which means almost to Kindergarten. Can. not. go. there. yet. Evan has been so much to have home with me. (Don't get me wrong - Zach was fun, too. His time at home was spent going back and forth to doctor visits, timing medication, doing breathing treatments, etc.) Evan has gotten to be my errand-runner, shopping partner, and relocation expert. He can point out places even I have forgotten we've seen in our new city. And promptly points out "Daddy's work" when we pass it during our errands. He is so happy, most of the time, and just easy to get along with. I feel blessed to be his momma, and to have been home with him all 4 years.

One big thing when we relocate is finding a pediatrician. Anyone that knows anything about Zach knows that he has had an extensive health history. At my breaking point, he was on 7 medications a day - all trying to fix a problem. A problem no one could figure out. He had a pediatrician, an ENT, a pulmonologist, a gastroenterologist and an allergist. All that to say...when we moved out of Knoxille in 2010, I was terrified we would never find a pediatrician like the one we left. After one horrific experience in Chattanooga that I refuse to talk about because it still makes my blood boil, we settled in to a small practice that we really liked. That was in June. We were told we were relocating in December. Cue my anxiety over hunting down a new pediatrician. I think that was actually one of the first things I started hunting for. In a city this size, I was determined to find one for us. Not a huge practice, not medicine-happy, male... oh and accepted our insurance.

Well, today was appointment #1. I could not go to sleep last night. After the experience last year, I was terrified of a repeat. And going alone with both boys meant I would be distracted enough not to stand on my own two feet should this man turn out to be like the last. I am happy to report that the doctor we found is a *perfect* fit for our family. Both boys loved him. He sat and talked with us for a solid 20 minutes (did I mention I was in and out in 35 minutes??). Close by. Small, small practice. Absolutely loved it. So, score 1 for Charlotte. ;)

Now, we are counting down the days to summer vacation! 6 school days left, and I don't know who is more excited - Zach or me! We have lots of exciting things planned this summer to keep us busy, and hope to meet more people in the area!

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